Student Accommodation - Sustainability Project, Istanbul

“On appointment to Amber Energy, we were recommended TY Consulting Ltd to assist in our delivery on a project in Istanbul, Turkey, helping a student accommodation provider with the sustainable design and operation of a proposed building.

Tugce Yilmaz supported on two return visits to Istanbul and helped facilitate meetings, interpret discussions and research and translate documents. Tugce was instrumental to the success of the project Tugce, through her interpersonal and oratory skills together with her diligent professionalism means that I would, without any hesitation, recommend her services. TY Consulting Ltd will certainly form an integral part of any project delivery team for future Amber Energy services delivered in Turkey.”

Amber Energy, Energy Management Consultancy, Cardiff, UK

Customer Experience Project - Istanbul

TY Consulting provided on-site market research services for a leading mobile operator looking to set up self –service screens to improve the customer experience in their retail stores in Turkey.  To understand a typical customer’s experience within their stores in Turkey, the busy stores in Istanbul were visited and observed by TY Consulting; customers and employees were interviewed and potential inefficiencies in the system were identified.  Based on our on-site research and feedback received from customers and store employees, TY Consulting provided insight into company’s customer service processes in Turkey.

Market Analysis and Dealer Satisfaction Interviews

TY Consulting conducted in-depth interviews with more than 160 lubricant dealers in Turkey for the leading global lubricants brand in order to undertand the market of industrial and automotive lubricants in Turkey.

Our research has provided a valuable insight into the competitive landscape in the industry while measuring the satisfaction levels of client’s trade partners in the country.